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Montessori Preschool

Omaha Montessori Toddlers

Our Omaha Montessori Daycare classrooms are designed to meet the independent and curious nature of a toddler, allowing them to freely explore in a beautiful, carefully prepared, age-appropriate environment.

With our core principles as our guide, our Montessori daycare allows each toddler the opportunity to:

  • Strengthen language skills
  • Practice gross and fine motor skills
  • Develop independence and confidence
  • Practice social skills and caring for others
  • Explore music, movement and literature

At age 18 months – 3 years, children are actively searching for knowledge about their environment. They are especially interested in asserting their independence. Independence is a large part of our Montessori daycare toddler classroom—and is encouraged by allowing the child to choose a variety of activities that he or she can accomplish with success. With much love and guidance, our program allows these little people to explore and gain the independence they seek through a variety of age appropriate activities.

Our teachers give toddlers responsive individualized attention to help them build their skills in five essential areas:

  • Sensory and Perception
  • Self-help
  • Language
  • Gross and Fine Motor skills
  • Social and Emotional Growth

Toddlers are also exposed to and participate in Art, Music and Movement, Gardening, and Cooking.